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Our Technology

So we can provide our patients with the most modern dental care available here at Melbourne St Dental Studio, we feature state-of-the-art dental technology on-site, offering you the utmost in convenience.

Digital Imaging

  • Instant Intraoral Imaging: To rule out the presence of decay or infection, we use the latest in imaging equipment and technology. We take instant intraoral images with just one-quarter of the exposure of conventional imaging. Because we believe in taking a preventative approach to dentistry, we recommend routine diagnostic imaging every 12 months. With annual imaging we may diagnose and manage caries and other disease issues as early as possible before they develop into bigger problems.
  • Instant Extraoral Full Mouth Imaging: Because your time is valuable, our on-site extraoral full mouth imaging machine allows us to give you an immediate diagnosis. Additionally, we can provide valuable information that you would typically have to wait days or sometimes weeks for because you need to be referred away to a dedicated off-site clinic.
  • 3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner: Don’t like having to get uncomfortable impressions taken? Thanks to the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner those traditional methods are a thing of the past. Using the scanning tool, we can make a digital impression in mere seconds. On every patient, we scan data as a baseline, and compare and measure differences between scans. We evaluate how something is progressing or regressing in great detail (down to .001mm).

Camera-Based Diagnostics

The cameras we feature at the practice capture still images as well as a video of your teeth and mouth so you can see exactly what the dentist sees. A benefit is that you can take part in the diagnostic and treatment planning process.

Camera-based diagnostics helps to build trust and communication because you can see exactly what the dentist sees on a big screen. You will feel included in the presentation and discussion of dental findings and the decision-making process. After all, it is about your treatment needs and options for your mouth. It is essential that we communicate the process to you fully.

Saliva Testing

  • Saliva Testing: pH and Bacterial Levels: If you constantly struggle with gingivitis and caries no matter how often you clean and floss your teeth and gums, a bacterium such as Streptococcus mutans may be an underlying culprit contributing to tooth and gum decay.
  • Dietary Advise: In some cases, we can help to assess your diet and provide dietary advise to help you enjoy better oral health. If required, we can also refer you to a nutritionist.

Laser Diagnostics

Our diagnostic laser can help confirm or eliminate the presence of caries or bacterial infection in your tooth. Approximately 90 percent of the time, we depend on dental imaging to rule out decay or caries but sometimes the answer is not absolute, and another tool is required to confirm our findings. Laser diagnostics allows us to validate our results.

Sleep Studies

We can issue a home based sleep study using the medibyte. We will start by rating your level of sleepiness with a WATERMARK QUESTIONNAIRE.

Refer you with the results of the sleep study, and questionnaire to a general practitioner who has a special interest in airways and sleep medicine, to determine if you require or may benefit from a sleep appliance or Somnodent. This referral letter is required in order to claim any benefits from your insurance.

Food allergies can be responsible for many signs and symptoms in the body including restrictions and inflammation of the upper airway. If you have difficulty with breathing, it would be prudent to rule out any upper airway obstructions, using a referral for a CBCT, or cone beam CT scan to identify any physical obstructions, as well as a referral to an ENT for an assessment.

Upper airway obstruction can affect everyday breathing, sleep, and lead to mouth breathing with in children. Mouth breathing has been associated with non-ideal facial and airway development as well as ADHD. At Melbourne St Dental Studio we can conduct a simple in house blood test to rule out any food allergies.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like more information about our technology or wish to make an appointment, contact our South Brisbane practice today.



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